Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Content Farm Rd. The countdown begins......

75  F   sunny some clouds.
Today's  "Money Shot"

Monday I leave for Germany, I'm not ready, but I'm getting there! Tomorrow I'll take down the Willows Bistro show, Friday is the Bennington Paint out taking place in downtown Bennington, Vt.

A busy time!
#352 Content Farm Rd.
8 x 10

I did this scene recently, it's just around the corner from my house. I was glad to get out, with all the preparations to be made and stuff to do.

It was after 7:00 when I started, and the sun is setting earlier......

I like this scene at this time because of the bright light on the mid-range hill, and the darkness surrounding it, like a frame, and then the far hill.

Here is where I ended up, not quite an hour....

This is the scene at the start of the session, I lost some of the drama by the end.  My challenge was to get the light areas light enough, to do that I had to get the darks darker.

Panels, lots of them! some for my trip, some for here!

 This is how I'm preparing paper, I soak it in Shellac, thinned down with de-natured alcohol, I'll cut them to size, and give them a 2nd coat.