Monday, July 14, 2014

Outback 85 degrees of difference.

85  F  some sun, some clouds
# 342 Outback


8 x 10

Oil on treated paper

The rain held off, the sun was even out for a bit, so I did a default "outback" The last time I did this pretty much same scene it was 0  degrees, yes, that's zero Fahrenheit. Here is the blog post from that day:'

My reasoning for doing these "default paintings, sketches, really, is to practice trying to get the light, trying to get some kind of composition......

I'm also liking the idea od doing scenes, not just in different seasons, but over different years to see if I've progressed any (this is the third or maybe the forth of this exact scene)

I touched it up a bit after I took this, but basically here is where I ended up, not much more than 1/2 hour, better spent than doing a lot of things....

Here is my scene, yes that's a foot, it's cast concrete, i made it in 1992, I think, when i was making big heavy sculptures, most haven't survived.


  1. Yes, it is an interesting idea to see if you have make any progress during the years. Although the new paintings may just be different (other focus, other way of seeing details...), but that also is interesting.

    And I like this big foot in the front!

  2. Thanks Chani, some of the earlier paintings are better than newer paintings, luckily it's not often!