Tuesday, July 15, 2014

S.A.W. Hill conquered by the Caravan

82  F  cloudy with a few drops in the air

I forgot my camera again today so these are more flip phone pics.

#343 S.A.W. Hill

9 x 12

oil in canvas panel

We're  at the top of The hill 
@ Salem Art Works in Salem, NY, looking North, Northwest or something like that.

The Caravan made it because they put in this amazing road up here! last year I had my truck, and it could go up this hill, but a Caravan wouldn't have made it.

I'm using a prepared piece of canvas, and it's really smooth compared to what I normally use, which is much rougher, and has much more texture. 

There was plenty of atmospheric perspective on this one.

The sight-size shot.

This is where I ended up, I had almost an hour while Hope was at her pottery class, fun for all!


  1. This painting is particularly good, as the first picture with the big menacing sky. A bigger painting with this kind of sky would be something fascinating as well (but you would need more than just one hour, I am afraid)... ;-)

  2. It's not my usual, to do such a large piece of real estate, and it's very sketchy, but the mood of the cloudy day is there and I think I got that.Thanks!

  3. Nice piece I really like the "money shot". I guess you’re are calling that image the "sight size" picture now.
    I actually like the money shot term, makes me think of a 70s porn star turn plein air artist gives me a good chuckle with my morning coffee. LOL

  4. Thanks Jim! the sight-size shot, shows the painting the way I see it, with the panel directly to the left of the scene. I paint it with my "viewpoint" so I can see them next to each other. The "money shot" is where I try and line up the painting into the greater scene so it looks like it could disappear, usually I have to move the panel a bit to get closer to what I want. You're the first person to get the reference, I think it's an appropriate term for the attempt.

  5. As usual, you made it fun and right, I always find something new to learn from your artwork an from your blog, and enjoy it very much. thank you for sharing

  6. Thanks for your comment Shula! I love to hear that, it makes my day!