Wednesday, August 13, 2014

3'fer Wednesday, a tour, planning and more visits.

66   F rain, mostly, with a bit of sun and wind late.
I'm starting with this because it's the best photo of the day, the last also.

I went to Schloss Salem because it was raining and I figured there were places under cover to paint, and we had to be there @ 2:00 to see the exhibit space for the up coming   show (work needs to be ready in less than one week!)

The scene I found wasn't inside or under a roof, but a tree, at first it was dry, later, not so much!

No one but the grounds crew and the workers, of which there are many, who are working on ongoing restoration.

I like this scene because you can see the far hill over the formal garden, some large trees and partial buildings.

This is where I ended up after a soggy 2 hours, yeah the rain slowed me down, and the painting's a bit tight,  but I enjoyed myself anyway, and I can say I worked in the thick of things even with the sparse rainy weekday crowd.

#374 Schloss Salem, view overlooking garden

11 x 14


My spot.

I had a reasonable number of visitors who were all gracious, one 5 yr. old boy with his mom came by, so I got up and had him sit on my stool, I pointed the what I was looking at and of course the painting, and he got it!

I figured I could do another, small painting before our 2:00 tour.

I liked this rooftop view.


This was near the wood and glass shops, they have artisans make the stuff here, then there are shops to buy them.

We were given a tour of the main Cathedral, dating to the 12 Century, was "redecorated" in the 17th.

And room after room of the monastery, which dates to the 17th Century.

Our group.....

Finally we toured the rooms available for the show, they were dark, and the previous show was still being taken down, we found out that the work for the show needed to be ready by next Tuesday, and that it would be up until October 5th! All that waiting around made me want to get out and paint some more, so here I am, on the hill near Schloss Spetzgart.

I was working fast....

Throwing a lot o paint on with big brushes.

The clouds were coming and going quickly, so I had to stick with the sunny scene.

This is where I ended up.

#372 Hill near Schloss Spetzgart

11 x 14


Sight size shot, note the scene is without sunshine.


  1. Your painting of the hill near Schloss Spetzgart is wonderful, the grass and the tree look so real!
    I hope the show will also have a website so that people around the world can see what the whole group has performed during those weeks!

    1. Thanks Chani! It's funny to come all this way and paint a tree! (certainly not just any tree, but one in a billion!) Anyway I'm sure the exhibit will be well documented, and as always, I will post as much as I can. Now even my family is reading the blog, because I'm not there!

    2. I enjoyed seeing your work in progress!! Great blog and paintings...Thank you!

    3. Thank you Alexis, for your comment and reading my blog!

  2. Very impressive Matt. Your a great mentor for me.

    1. Thanks Iwan, your words are touching, I'm just happy to be able to paint, and know what an honor it is to have the opportunity to do so.