Friday, August 8, 2014

A map, a hike,more travelogue pics another day of adventure!:

74  F  sunny, humid.
This was done at the waterfront park in Uberlingen. I went there because i wanted a map, and thought it would be fun to go on an adventure to get it.

#361 Uberlinger See from Uberlingen.

12 x 16


I was in the shade and that was nice, I had walked a long way, 3-4 kilometers, and it was hot, I found a map, and the town was filled with tourists, so I kept hiking until it thinned out and I found this spot, a familiar composition for me.

Some things change and some don't. I'm not an urban painter and I'm not one to like crowds, even this spot was too crowded for me.

My reasoning is that if I keep most factors the same the differences will show, that would be the light and the color.

The remarkable thing is the color of the water.

For the most part un-eventful, the a woman came, sat next to me and started to talk to me, she was nice, but.......

The scene at the start, I left out the barrier.

My pallet pretty much the same.

My wife asked for pics of fountains and stuff related to the paths that run all over the place, so I'm putting them here for all to see, indeed they re wonderful!


Here is a sample if the signs, I'm getting to know how to read them.

I couldn't resist!

There are a lot of fountains!

I don't think I've ever seen this in the U.S. This place is pedestrian friendly and that's a great thing.

I  did another painting today, but I'll have to blog that tomorrow, sleep!