Friday, August 15, 2014

Aufkirch, and adventures......

62  F rain, then sun.
 Here is the best photo from today's paint. I went on a big adventure before getting here.

I started out for the paint store, and a vague idea of where it was and how to get there. It rained, not a lot, but I was wet!

They have special buttons for drunk people, I didn't push the button.

One of my new painter friends, who lives near, or is at least familiar with this town said I could find a paint store in this general area, this is Uberlingen's auto sales district.

Aldi's, just like home.

Building supply  stores.

Paint store!  I found it, good thing they had a picture of a brush!

The store was empty except for the clerk  She was an older woman in a lab coat, immaculately white, didn't know any English, given my three words in German, we managed to figure out what I needed and make the transaction. She was very nice to me, and of course a smile and "dunke shen" goes a long way, I'm glad to know where it is!

I was on my way back, and decided to reward myself with a few things I needed and a coffee, this is a mall like place with a store like a Wall Mart, except it also carries every kind of alcohol you could possibly want I got a bottle of Bushmills.

These are all over the place.

I had seen this place on my way over, it's not far from Spetzgart, the sun, just where I like it.

Extremes of light and dark.

The trick is keeping the values in their places.


#376 Aufkirch

11 x 14


I picked a sunny moment to paint it.

Money shot

Not as prosaic as yesterday, but I didn't get started until almost 6:00

Nothing like the sound of the highway.

The way home.

It was 7:30 by now, I had gotten back to Spetzgart, and wanted to finish my day with one more painting.





#377  Spetzgart sunset

9 x 12


My spot.


  1. What a lot of adventures and two beautiful paintings (particularly Spetzgart Sunset!), and how nice, this small road at 7:30!
    I had to laugh a lot about the "special button for drunk people". No, we don't have that! :-))) Don't be afraid to push ("drücken") the button. In some isolated areas, you never get a green light to cross safely if you do not push the button (it may be important for kids or elderly). In some of these buttons, there is also a sound system to help the blind to cross the road. That's all.
    Cultural question: Can't you find alcohol in the US at Wal Mart and buy it if you are over 18? That's a normal thing in Germany. If the cashier thinks you are not 18, he or she may ask to see your identity card and to refuse to sell you the bottle.
    About crucifixes: they are typical for Southern Germany, which is (or was) mainly catholic.
    Enjoy your next day!

    1. Hi Chani! thanks for your comment and understanding on these things, I'm playing with my American friends, (you too!) In the U.S the drinking age is 21, and you can only buy hard alcohol in liquor stores, beer is available in most places and wine, depending on what state you're in, in NY it's in the liquor store. It's been fun for me to find my way places and get what I need, see the sights and not have a guide, a true adventure!, If I was here longer I'm sure I'd pick up enough language skills to get around, and converse about very basic things, this will be something to look forward to on future trips!

    2. Thank you for explaining. So, in the U.S., it is more like in the Scandinavian countries, then, where there are also special alcohol stores.
      Yes, would you stay longer, you will quickly learn enough to make a basic conversation. But also this adventure is priceless, and you are doing very well!