Friday, August 15, 2014

Aufkirch, and adventures......

62  F rain, then sun.
 Here is the best photo from today's paint. I went on a big adventure before getting here.

I started out for the paint store, and a vague idea of where it was and how to get there. It rained, not a lot, but I was wet!

They have special buttons for drunk people, I didn't push the button.

One of my new painter friends, who lives near, or is at least familiar with this town said I could find a paint store in this general area, this is Uberlingen's auto sales district.

Aldi's, just like home.

Building supply  stores.

Paint store!  I found it, good thing they had a picture of a brush!

The store was empty except for the clerk  She was an older woman in a lab coat, immaculately white, didn't know any English, given my three words in German, we managed to figure out what I needed and make the transaction. She was very nice to me, and of course a smile and "dunke shen" goes a long way, I'm glad to know where it is!

I was on my way back, and decided to reward myself with a few things I needed and a coffee, this is a mall like place with a store like a Wall Mart, except it also carries every kind of alcohol you could possibly want I got a bottle of Bushmills.

These are all over the place.

I had seen this place on my way over, it's not far from Spetzgart, the sun, just where I like it.

Extremes of light and dark.

The trick is keeping the values in their places.


#376 Aufkirch

11 x 14


I picked a sunny moment to paint it.

Money shot

Not as prosaic as yesterday, but I didn't get started until almost 6:00

Nothing like the sound of the highway.

The way home.

It was 7:30 by now, I had gotten back to Spetzgart, and wanted to finish my day with one more painting.





#377  Spetzgart sunset

9 x 12


My spot.