Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Hike to the Lake, Paint!

74  F  Hazy
I took a hike down in this ravine:

Spetzgarter Tobel

that lead me under a highway through the little town of Goldbach, and to the lake. It took about a 1/2 hour each way to hike there, and I got back just in time for dinner!

#358 View of Lake from rt. K7772 Goldbach, Germany.

11 x 14


My supplies hadn't come in, and I just couldn't paint on that white canvas, so I rubbed a little burnt sienna into the canvas before I started.

I was pleasantly surprised that the ground didn't come up in the white that much.

There was a subtle difference in the white of the sky and the light of the water.

I didn't have a lot of time, because dinner is served for 1/2 hour and if I missed it I would be hungry!

Just before I finished I pulled out the black, I just wasn't getting my paint dark enough.

Money shot.

I got to this spot and liked the scene but the side walk had a lot of bicyclists on it, and the train came by very fast.

Looking North west.

I took a few pics on my way back....

A very old barn.

Each little hamlet has one!

I'd like to get a rudimentary understanding of signs.....

 I got some supplies and prepared for tomorrow.  All that hiking around, and catching up on jet lag, it's time for bed!


  1. A nice spot indeed!
    The text under the sign means that vehicles are not allowed to take this way except those for agricultural or forestry use. So, if you put your easel on such a way, you normally won't be disturbed to much.
    Did you buy a card of the area? It would be a good idea to note on the card where every sport was like you do at home. Otherwise, it could be difficult to remember later...

  2. I kinda thought that's what it meant, but will look out for tractors. There are a lot of other hikers, I feel very safe here! By card do you mean a map? I've been wanting to get a paper map, but forgot yesterday when we went to town (Uberligen), maybe I can find one today. (I'm able to look at the google map, but it's not the same), as always, a big Thanks for your help!

    1. Sorry, of course I meant a map (it's "Karte" in German, that why I got confused), what you call "eine Wanderkarte", a hiking card, where you can see all details of the region, like this one for example:
      Maybe there is a tourism office nearby? If yes, they use to give small free maps, and sometimes, you can buy better maps there as well.

    2. Thanks, I know what my morning adventure will include!

  3. Hiking *map* of course, not hiking card! Grrr... ;-)

    1. I saw a "wanderkarte", but for a different area in the bookstore this morning, I did find a local map that seems to have at least most of the roads and trails for this area, and it's small enough to put in my pocket and easily unfold for quick reference. It was fun to hike down town and figure things out for myself! a few more days and I'll master the art of getting anything I need!, and as always your help is greatly appreciated!