Thursday, August 21, 2014

Installation, Schloss Salem, sunset on the hill.

64  F  sunny
This is the end of a long couple of days, well almost.

#388 Spetzgart, up hill

11 x 14

I painted after dinner, after I spent most of my day setting up the exhibit in Salem.

These go so quick, I probably should have done a smaller one...

I put the white on and couldn't figure out why it wasn't as bright as the sun!

After yesterday, I wanted to try and get the dark and medium tones darker than reality, so the light of my whited would look even lighter, easier said than done!

This is where I ended up, not quite 45 minutes.

Scene at the end.

A preview......

Here is the attic, note the beam repair.

behind an historic door, is a sleek modern bathroom with a baby changing table suitable for a prince or princess!

I've been wanting to paint this scene, just off of the women's dorm, just down the hill.

There is so little light......

Spetzgart, down hill

#387, 9 x 12  canvas.

Money shot,  the nature of this is that the dark tones didn't get low enough.