Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Journey, arrival and welcome!

Beautiful weather to travel!
The last two days have been a bit of a blur. I left Cambridge, with my family, we drove to Newton, had lunch with my Mom & Dad, before going to the airport in Boston. From there with a short, quick layover in NYC, to
Zurich. It all went smoothly, and all aspects were fine, just long!  Arriving in Zurich, I found some fellow artists and our contact who drove us another 2 hours to Salem.

The magic of travel! In a few short hours your 1/2 way around the globe!

This is the campus were staying in, lovely in itself, but it's part of the Salem college, and were officially guests of Schloss Salem, an amazing place, first a medieval monastery, with much history and culture, of which we toured, and were warmly welcomed!

by the time we got here I was 24 hours no sleep!, but too excited to do so, this was Tuesday after noon, the tour would begin soon.

We were given a tour, abbreviated, the place is huge, has a long history, and is just beautiful!

This is the library!



Beauty through every doorway!

We took a walk to the hamlet maybe a mile or so down the most beautiful countryside.

Were were greeted and warmly welcomed by our hosts, who gave us dinner, the weather was as delicious as the food! and there was some informal entertainment as well.

More than lovely, we ate and started to get to know one another, a perfect preamble for our residency!

Back to my room for some sleep!