Sunday, August 24, 2014

Last days in Germany; quoted in a German newspaper, subject of a poem, a gift, shopping, painting, goodbyes........

64  F mostly cloudy
I set out today to get to the mall, after all, that's where most of the locals shop, not the touristy downtown of Uberlingen.

I went to this sportswear store because who doesn't like sportswear? even if most of it is Nike and Addias, and made in China.  I was looking through the racks, when I saw Sybil! I had met her on numerous occasions while here, she's friends with people in the circle of Salem2Salem, she graciously became my interpreter, so the salesman knew exactly what I wanted, then her friend, Daniella, who is a sister to one on my artist colleagues showed up, indeed this is a small world, and how quickly it is to make friends!

I made my purchases, and got some more titanium white at the OBI, and was back on the road, following a hunch!

  I past by these Churches, and don't know why I didn't paint them!

I went down this dirt road and got lost.

I kept going when I saw a familiar sight, the cement plant, which was near the paint store, not far from the shopping mall!

I was on a familiar road (it would be considered a driveway in the U.S.) and I must be home sick, because this farm scene was just what I wanted!

I don't feel comfortable painting when lost, here I did know the way back to Spetzgart.

It was grey, late afternoon, early evening....

The colors were muted, but I had some nice dark tones.

I loved the way the rooftops played in the landscape......


Money shot.

In these last days after so much has happened, I haven't begun to sort it out, that will come later, when I get home and am re-united with my family.  So many conversations, so many connections. Painting in another place, seeing the beauty, and loving it, is a joy and celebration, it's palpable and does not need translation.  My work is accessible to just about anybody, it's easy to understand and needs no text.  I value that more than  anything because it's real; real people, leading real lives, in real time, sharing a real moment, and there's nothing better than that!


  1. Grey weather, but beautiful painting!
    You will need time to "digest" all you lived here in Europe and to share it with your family, it has been so intense. It is nice to see that in our world full of conflicts, there are ways to come together with people you did not know yesterday and become your friends tomorrow, because those people share the same passion - art. Enjoy your last days in Germany and have a nice and safe flight back!

    1. Thanks! In some ways it seems like I've been here a long time, in others, it just flew by! I can say I enjoyed myself more than anything, and I painted every day! Now I have many new friends, and I hope they will come to Salem, NY next year, and Chani, I want to thank you for your guidance and encouragement everystep of the way!

  2. You are welcome, Matt. It would be fantastic if most of your new friends could come to Salem, NY next year!