Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My trip to Konstanz

70  F  cloudy with some sun.

This is the river Rhine, and of course bridge. It was a "must paint"

#385 the Rhine.

12 x 16

The trip stated with a discussion of collaborating with another artist, I'm fascinated by history, and Chris Soppa was writing about the 600 the anniversary of the council of Constance.

This is Ralf, Chris' husband, I'm following him, first on bike, now the ferry to Konstanz, where they live. An awesome guy who showed me how to get there, found a map before sending me on my way to paint places significant to the event 600 years ago. Luckily the whole place is significant, so I just need to find and paint.

Thanks Ralf!

As you know I love rivers and bridges, so how could I not paint the Rhine!

(once again I find myself  down under the bridge, by a river..)

This was a great spot, and even though there were people around, they were behind me, and didn't bother me.

The drama of the bridge is hard to resist.


There are a lot of elements in a scene like this.

Trees, houses, a cathedral.....


My scene, the light hardly changed.



The old tower structure on the other shore was the landing of the historic bridge, long gone. Ralf brought me this way and I knew I'd have to back track.

Konzil building.

The sculpture in the harbor shows a whore with a pope in one hand and a king in the other! That's telling it like it is!

The bike/pedestrian paths have lanes.

Steps have bike ramps.

This bike/pedestrian bridge has locks.

My set up. These photos are out of sequence.

I was hungry so I went looking for food.

This place had lemejune, french fries and a yogurt drink, the lemejune was very different than I've ever had, and we had them growing up, this was delicious! (and the word is pronounced the same way I've always pronounced it!)

I wanted the Konzil building, and thought the rail road would be good also, I almost painted from the platform, and maybe I should have....

The traffic was just silly.

There were some things I liked about this scene.....

I put in the freight train, it had gone by twice and I liked it.....

This would have been OK if it weren't for the traffic......

#386  view of Konzil building.

Money shot.

I was anxious and tired, so made a bee line to the car ferry!

A swan.

Birnau  from the other side.


  1. Of course, the Rhine was a must. Well done! And the other scene is nice as well, just a "real life scene". What a nice trip! And thank you for showing this surrealistic sculpture!

  2. Thanks Chani! What a trip, indeed, and thanks for the link to the "wolpentinger" never heard of them: next is my quest to find one!