Monday, August 11, 2014

Schloss Salem, from behind the barn. Outskirts of Uberlinger, at sunset.

72  rainy in A.M, cloudy with a few breaks of sun later.
It rained in the Morgen, so I went back to bed after breakfast, I needed more sleep, but got just a little rest, and that was good.

After lunch I went along with a bunch of my comrades in the van to Schloss Salem, to paint. It rained just a few drops.

I found this scene. I was looking for three things, a building, the far hills and some landscape and I found it here, out in back of the castle.




4th.  You know I'm not a building guy, but it's nice to see one in a landscape. These Cyprus trees have a very structural feel to them also.

I had to think about not getting too fussy, I hate thinking!

Here is where I ended up, maybe it could have used some more detail, maybe not, but if I got what I wanted and that's the feel of this place at this time, more detail would not dd anything, indeed it might distract.

#368 Back view of Schloss Salem

12 x 16

Money shot.

I treated myself to a cup of cappuccino, and got change for the laundry which I'm doing now. I liked the view looking through under the trees. There are tons of good paintings here!

This is the interior of the stable.

The "campus" of the castle, an old monastery with an ancient winery.

 The exterior of the stable was being restored, my brother, painting the decorative details around the windows.

The maze in the formal garden.

One of many fountains.

After dinner, before sunset, not far from Schloss Spetzgart, on a quiet farm road....

Normally I'd do a smaller painting, but I had my 12 x 16 set up ready to go....

Fast and furious!

I guess I didn't have as much time as I thought....

#369 farm Rd. NW of Brachenreute

12 x 16


Up the road....

Down the road........

Time to finish the laundry, have a beer and go to bed!


  1. I like the money shot of the Schloss Salem, such a nice place!
    And your last two pictures with the road are inspiring as well! I am sure there must be deer over there.

  2. Thanks Chani! It's truly an amazing place, we have nothing like this in Washington County, or for that matter, America! I've seen only a couple of deer here, if there are more they don't come out.....

    1. Usually, deer are very shy and only come out at twilight. But sometimes, you are lucky and can see them earlier!