Sunday, August 17, 2014

Schloss Salem, rain, sun, rain....4 paintings!

64  rain, sun, clouds, repeat......
I went to Schloss Salem, because more rain was predicted in Uberlingen, and presumably I have places I can paint under cover, I didn't use them.

This is going to be an abbreviated post!, I'm burning the candle at both ends......

There is just an overwhelming amount of material to blog, so I'm sending one photo of each painting from yesterday, please feel free to ask questions, or for me to fill in information.

The first three were in and around the big Castle, this is from near Hodingen, near Spetzgard.

Sorry for such a lame post, but the sun is out, and time is of the essence........


  1. The first and the last painting are my favorites. I do not recognize very well the subject of the 3d painting: is it a small river with a bridge?
    Do not forget to have some rest. And do not think that you are not working if you spend half a day or one day without painting: your brain is gathering inspiration for the future, maybe.

    1. Thanks Chani! the third is the "headwaters" for the water supply to Schloss Salem, that is to say the creek that feeds into the castle, it goes into the castle, powers a water wheel (making electricity), continues on under a series of canals mostly hidden under the ground, so yes it's a creek with a bridge. I am tired, but I'm here and there is so much to see, so much to paint! but yes it's time to sleep!

    2. Thanks for explaining. Yes, I understand your "painting fever": those days are precious and there is so much to discover indeed!