Saturday, August 9, 2014

Sunset near Hodingen

74  F  clear
After my big adventure in the day, with the tourist crowds, I felt right at home in the fields going up toward Hodingen, the sun was going to set.

#362 path near Hodingen



These paths are used by the farmers only. One came by while I was here.

 This is definitely my scene.

Certain forms and patterns come naturally, don't fight it, let it happen.

The light is so delicious this time of night!

This was quick, the light changing, some of my colors aren't quite right, but if I get the value it almost doesn't matter.

Here is where I ended up!

My scene.

This was yesterday (Friday 8-8-14) today were going to get bikes so I can ride around!

A lot of these paths are paved, and it's real easy to travel. I set up on the edge no matter what.

Thanks for reading my blog and joining me in this adventure!