Friday, August 22, 2014

The show opens!

70  F  sunny.
Here is my "installation" of 32 paintings done over a 15 day period,  there a bit crowded in, on this wall, but oh well, I wasn't inclined to deal with changing the dynamic of the installation process, so there you have it, and I'm happy with the work I got done, and the way I got it done, and it's here in  Schloss Salem, until October 5th.

The view down the hall.

Peter Franck made picture post cards you could take home, they weren't you're average picture post cards!

Alessandra Beltrame, crochet this, it was over a mile of wool yarn!

Alain Wozniak made this drum/machine to record the sound of signature, the recordings will be used in future compositions!

Anna Aichroth did a performance that had music and dance, and was like a religious right.

There were music performances and readings by the authors in the library, and as you can see the event was well attended.

Laurel Carpenter slowly walked down the canal in a dress she made, holding rocks and dropping the every few feet, she spent 3 hours in the water!

Eli Slaydon painted this large acrylic on paper painting of the "grot" or cave, where we hang out here @ Speztgart.

  Anne Klarmann did these drawings.

After the installation, and before the opening I did this painting of the doorway to the metal shop, it was a request, which I don't normally do, but I wanted to paint so I did.

I'll spare the details on this because it's a long post.

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  1. Thank you, Matt, for showing us your installation (you have been so productive!) and the work of some others fellows, so that we can have a little bit the impression of being there... Although this painting of yours was a request, it is superb, great light that day!
    Now enjoy your last days and look forward to seeing your family! You will have so much to tell them.