Sunday, August 24, 2014

This is really my last painting here in Uberingen!

65  F  some sun, some clouds.
I came here to Uberlingen thinking maybe some tourist shop would be open for some last minute sundries, I found a great painting spot that in now in my "comfort zone.

I was wandering like I'm known to do, and I looked down this "ally" with the bright yellow wall, took note, and swung back around.

There were some nice contrasts, but I think the format would have been better more square.

With this much "grey matter" it's hard to control, subtle changes in value and temperature go a long way.

The brightness in the back was crucial, did I get it?

The green carries a lot of weight. I was sure to not have the two bushes be the same size.

I've said before if you don't get it in the first 15-30 minutes, you won't ever.

My scene, I wanted something unique to this place, this my last painting of the trip, I think I got it.

Money shot.

It's Sunday, so the stores are closed.

View up street.

Inscription on the wall this place is connected to Salem, and is very old.


  1. Yes, the yellow wall at the back makes the painting more interesting. Well done!
    Strange that shops are closed on Sunday in such a tourist place. Usually, such towns have special permissions to open their shops during the high season, as they need it in order to survive. Maybe they earn enough here...

    1. Funny today looking at the photo, how much whiter the yellow is! (but that too is how different your eye sees tan the camera) I too thought that maybe here they'd be open.....As always, Thanks!

  2. Thank you so much for bringing us (your blog followers) along on your painting journey. I found it so informative and I love to see how your paintings evolve. Thanks again for sharing !

    1. Thanks Pat! for your comment, It's fun for me to do and great to know it's read!