Friday, August 8, 2014

Two paintings & a visit by the US Consul General, travelogue, speeches and a party! (Thursday, 8-7-14)

A lovely day, with sun, a bit of rain and some clouds.
The day started yesterday with a shopping trip to Uberlingen, we went to a grocery store and the bank, I wanted some soap and euros.

The streets in downtown.

A grotto if I have that right.

Detail of above.

Back on campus, I found a scene not far from yesterday's.

Sky & test for far hills.

Far hills.

Foreground. Note the tree is not there.

A few missing shots, this is close....

This is where I ended up.

Money shot. The sailboats came in at the end, so I put a few in.

I'm missing my stand-up easel, but in general like my set up.

Lunch, 12:30-13:30

After lunch I went back to the little village, thinking I would find a barn. Here is a sign along the walking path, I'm slowly figuring out how they work.

I found this before I got to the farm part of the hamlet....

Like anywhere the light conditions change constantly, and the clouds were on the move....

The clouds had some brightness on them, the hills had a lot of different greens.

I was close, when I realized Iforgot the foliage entering the composition on the left.

The thing I liked about the scene is the "looking through" aspect, and this kind of foliage does the job!

The scene when I started.

This happens, beautiful in itself, but different.

Here is a spot, made for a painter, how could I not stop and paint it?

Time to get ready.

We didn't realize until the previous night that there would be dignitaries present. The group included the U.S. Counsel General Kevin Milas and the Deputy General, Susan Vickers, and their body guards. They were very gracious and the importance of our endeavors was very humbling!

There were speeches, this is the Consul.

There were performers, this is Amanda.

A reception and party, conveniently there is a winery in this place! We are making friends!


  1. Great, Matt! Both paintings are beautiful, I especially like the small sail boats on the first and the soft hills on the second.
    A question: are all your fellows colleagues American citizens or are there also people from other places in the world that are also called Salem? Will there be an exhibition (and online exhibition) of all your works at the end? Keep enjoying (= Weiter viel SpaƟ!)

  2. Thanks Chani!, there are 25 artists total, the 1/2 that are from the U.S. are from all over the 1/2 from Europe are mostly from various locations in Germany, a few from very close, as well there is one artist from Romania, one from Switzerland, and some other transnationals, a fun group for sure!