Monday, August 18, 2014

When in Rome.....

73 & 71  F for yesterday (Sunday) and today.
This is from today,  my only one today! I'm slowing down a bit.

Yesterday was Sunday, and it was beautiful! I went out at a reasonable hour, probably around 10:30 or so, wanting a close up waterfront scene, I had plenty of time with an event not until 6:30.

I found this spot, (the light in the wrong direction, but just what I wanted) after riding by last week when I went to Sipplingen, along the lake, north of the Schloss Salem Marina. I didn't want to get my feet wet to get into the marina that morning! and I had seen paths down to the shore line.

These photos are really bad, it was equally difficult to paint, but honestly the painting looks better away from the scene!

I've done this before....

Moving along.....

This is where I ended up. The thing about this spot, was not the way I set up with the sun, but that this was a nude beach! When I got there at 11:00 there were a few people, and I got to this part, that was out of sight of the rest of the place.

This is the scene towards the end of the session.

The Money Shot.

I finished around 12:30, packed up, it was warm, and I had yet to go swimming in this lake (I do love swimming!) So as they say, when in Rome..... 

I got back in time for lunch, which is more like dinner, and our chef never disappoints!  and still plenty of time, so I set out over to Hodingen, which is very close, and thought I'd find something closer, but ended up on the other side of the town, North West near Oberer Weiler. 

 The light is just where I like it, and the power lines gave the scene a edge that I wanted.

In back of everything you get this huge long vista!


I loved the darkness, almost brutal in it's darkness, against the subtle colors of the hills.

I know I'm loosing it when I forget the final pictures, this is close to the end, but doesn't show the power lines, nor did I do the money shot.

This is the ride back to Spetzgart, I was tired and wanted some rest before going to the Schnapps distillery. I was able to skype with my family and the miracles of the Internets, it's very cool! (and again today!)

This is the link to the place, the owner, Rudi, was a lovely host, very talented woodworker, the food, the wine, the schnapps, all just wonderful!, as was the entertainment, and the company. Great fun!

We had a tour.

An authentic cottage.

A delicious dinner followed by taste of schnapps!

Uli and Chris performing.

Last night we talked about collaborations, I thought I could team up with Chris (above) who writes about local history, and I love history! So I started by painting this building which was a starting point in the procession to the Council of Constance now celebrating 600 years!

This id old town Uberlingen, and busy!, way outside my comfort zone, and probably why I don't do cityscapes, but this was my assignment and I had to do it!

First vertical painting in a year!

The same principles apply.

All in play.




Sight size.


This is the building we had cinema night in, movies done by previous Salem2Salem artist, some at Salem Art Works, so close to home, so far away!

Tomorrow I've got a big adventure, a bike and ferry ride to Constance to paint locations of the 600 year old conference! I'll take you along for the ride, fasten your seat belts!


  1. Wow. So many paintings in one day! My favorites are those in the nature (along the lake!), but it' s good that you dared to try something new in Ɯberlingen. How nice for your family that they can follow you not only through this blog but also through Skype! Of course, it is important!
    Those Schnaps bottles could inspire me, one day, for some kind of abstract work, but as always, it will need a lot of time to breed...
    Reading your adventures in Germany, I wonder if you should not do similar little journeys (with the family then) in the U.S., trying to find some exciting spots at other places than Cambridge. Also, your writing skills are strongly improving with this adventure.
    Keep enjoying! I am looking forward to read about your visit in Constance! (Have you been in Lindau yet? It is also beautiful, but it may be a bit far! And it is Bavaria, there may be Wolpertingers at night ;-)

  2. Thanks Chani! This is a lot of adventure for a small town husband & father! But yes the taste of travel and adventure is strong, there is a big world out there......What is a Wolpertinger?

  3. Yes, I know, the world is so big but the wallet is so small (same problem here)...
    Wolpertingers? I quote the definition of the Wikipedia: "Bavarian folklore tells of the wolpertinger (also called wolperdinger, poontinger or woiperdinger), a mythological hybrid animal allegedly inhabiting the alpine forests of Bavaria in Germany". If you look at the page, you will find a wonderful illustration, but there are many different versions ;-)