Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Where is Julie Andrews?

70  F little hazy, but starting to clear.
My first spot is maybe 200 yards or so from my room, I got out of the art supply trip because Kerstin offered to pick up the few things I needed.  I don't have turpentine so I couldn't tone my canvas, but I wanted to start anyway....

This is my panel carrier, ready for my day!  I have a panel, a prepared canvas (store-bought) taped to a blank panel, and two pieces of prepared paper taped to another blank, and a fresh piece of plexi glass for a pallet. This is me refusing to change the way I work, it's altered a bit......

I wanted to see what was out the door, so I started out on one of many paths that criss-cross the land here, and determined that I could easily spend my residency painting within hiking distance of this place, and I love that!

I brought about 70 surfaces to paint on, and I'm not sure if that's enough! But I don't want to let that hinder me, and if I run out, I'll just have to get more.

The color of the lake is subtlety different than anything we have at home, and I'm sure there will be many attempts to get this.

  This is where I left this little sketch.

#356 view of lake Constance

oil on paper

5 x 7

Money shot, these aren't as good as the ones on panels because of the border........

They had us pack lunch, they had these.....

I continued on to see what else was in hiking distance, not 1/2 mile there is a small farm hamlet........

note to self: change some $ into euros so I can get coffee at the cafe'.

I'll come back and paint in or near the village, but I had decided I wanted to subject a tree, I looped around and found this one.






#357 tree

oil on paper

10 x 7

The shade of the tree was nice, and so was having remembered to bring my deet!

now lunch, rest, and get ready to go out in the afternoon!


  1. Well done! Your are lucky to have nice weather and to be at such a nice place! I particularly like the view of the Constance lake.
    Thanks also for showing your panel carrier: I was already asking myself how you would manage without car (but I was sure you would find a solution). If 70 panels aren't enough, there will be a possibility of buying some supply in Germany as well, but do not worry now about that. Just enjoy!

  2. Yes indeed I am lucky, blessed even to have this in my life! I'm loving discovering these places, so real, so much history, so beautiful! I'm slowly figuring out where I am and how to do what I need to do, of course we are well fed and the van with many fellow artists went to the store and bought a few things I needed, and that saved my day!