Tuesday, September 2, 2014

4 paintings sold in Salem, Germany!

83  Hot, humid, rainy
I just sold four paintings to a collector in Germany, so I thought I'd post it.

#358 Lake Constance from k7772

11 x 14

I never know what will sell, each painting is different, and I can look at them and remember the time I was there.

#361 Seestasse, Uberlingen

12 x 16

#364 Near Mimmenhausen

8 x 10

#368 Konzilstrasse, Constance

12 x 16

It's always good to sell, but it's still a mystery to me. People see different things in them, favorite places, a certain mood, whatever it is, I'm happy they will live bigger lives than I can provide


  1. Congrats on you sale, Matt! Great!!! Hope you will sell more until October, which could be possible, as Schloss Salem attracts wealthy people (have you heard how much parents have to pay for one school year there?).
    But, yes, it remains a mystery why the collector bought those four and not, for example, the vineyard with the cathedral or the wonderful painting with the roof, for example. Everybody is different, and associates something different with an art work, perhaps.

    1. I don't know how much tuition costs, as they say if you have to ask you can't afford it! I'm sure it's a good school, but I want my girls home until college (age around 18) I'd miss them too much! This sale is frosting on the cake, what a gift the experience was, now I can pay my air fare... as always thanks!!!

    2. Matt, a "normal" person like us could not even dream of affording such school fees (between 33 000 and 35 000 euros per year and per child (!), without admission fees (about 1 300) and accessory charges (between 5 000 and 8 000): this information is displayed on their website. Of course, the school may be good, but... I am sure your girls can learn more than enough at a "normal" school next to your home in order to be admitted at university. Fine that your air fare is now paid!! I guess you will make another sale there :-)

    3. Wow! I guess you really need to be royalty to go there! that's fine for me, I know where my girls are all the time, and what's better than that?

    4. Yes, you need to be very rich (some pupils get a scholarship), that's why pupils come from the whole world. But I agree 100% with you that there is no better situation for children than enjoying a normal daily life with their parents and being together.