Sunday, September 7, 2014

Battenkill with chickens

74  F mostly sunny, Beautiful!
I didn't know where I wanted to go today, I ended up here, a
@ Pooks' on the Battenkill in Shushan, NY.

#396 Battenkill @ Pooks'

12 x 16

Pay no attention to the random teenagers...

My scene. I had done this in the winter, very close to the same spot.

This is from February

#244  2-7-14  21 x 16

The scene, in my eyes, came with a dynamic composition.


Blue in the water.

The greens are contained, but there is plenty of variety in there.



The last things are the lights on the bridge and the lights on the water.

Sight-size view. This is how I look, and compare nature to what I've got on my panel.

I'm waiting for my new backpack seat, just like the one I left in Germany, the store ordered one for me, it'll be handy even for these short places.

I has some beautiful light, and I didn't want to go anywhere, but the chickens wanted attention.

I saw some chickens in the light with the shadow behind them and they really popped, the shadow is the coop and their enclosure.

Just a quick sketch, meh.

#397, outback, chickens.


5 x 7

Here is the money shot.

I was painting @ ground zero today.


  1. Battenkill, such a classic, is beautiful again! What a nice day!

  2. Thanks Chani, Yes, I guess for me, it's a classic! I love these late summer days, such beautiful light!