Friday, September 19, 2014

Chicken feed with a view, Hoosic River @ Schaticoke Falls.

59   F  sunny, calm.
I went to Scagticoke to get chicken feed, I wanted of the metal truss bridge, but couldn't find the right spot, so I asked at the 'agway if I could paint behind the feed warehouse, they said yes.

#403 Hoosic River @ Scagticoke Falls

12 x 16

I was not oriented  against the sun and it was bright on my panel, I know this makes it difficult but the view was worth it and I had run out of time to look. That's why these photos are taken at this angle.

My panel has a very dark tone, I made it with cad red and black, It might still be too warm and maybe a bit too dark.

With the tone this dark, the white of the falls stands out immediately, It was necessary to get that shape established.

The foreground was a swampy area with algae and clear water that reflected the sky, in front of that were tall reeds.

I think the bright sun made me exaggerate light and darks, and I'm not sure about the results, it seems to make for a lot of drama.

Here is where I got today, The strong shadows were moving as they do, and I regretted not having enough time to actually look at the painting, especially with the sun being on it.

Here is the scene, I was in the "yard" where stacks of lumber and stuff are stored and found this in between the stacks, nobody cam by the entire session.

My spot was just to the left of this photo. The grain silos make for some cool subject, and it would be fun to include them in a painting some day.


  1. These falls are a bit different, and I think they may have been a bit difficult to paint, but I like the result very much!

    1. This was such a bright day, and the panel was right in the sun, glaring back at me, so my handle on the actual painting was fuzzy, the result wasn't terrible, just unpredictable. Thanks!