Tuesday, September 23, 2014

County rt 60, Cambridge, NY. 1st u-tube video!


The above is a link to my new "channel" there are the three segments of video I made today, I didn't edit although I should have,  I'll blog as usual anyway, here goes...

64  F  Mostly sunny with a few clouds.
# 406 County rt. 60 @ Cobble Hill rd.

14 x 16

Money shot

I drove around a while before I settled on this spot, as you can see it's a sun-drenched side of a light yellow barn, and the sun is coming from behind..

I had the camera set up in the van to do the video, so I took fewer stills.

I didn't want the video to take over, and I don't think it did, the painting progressed with the panel at an odd angle so the glare wasn't in my eyes and this seemed to work.

This is where I ended up, the brightness of the barn gives it a bit of a ghostly quality, appropriate for this, the first day of autumn.

My scene.

I also don't usually like county hi ways, but this one doesn't have that much traffic. and there was room to pull off.