Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Dorset Quarry, rock on!

74  F  mostly sunny!
Today I went to the Dorset Quarry, and painted with my friend, Cindy Rosen! we had a beautiful day at a wonderful location.

The money shot,

#398 Dorset Quarry

14 x 16

I got my new backpack/seat, just like my old one!
$20 at Dick's

I liked seeing the mountain, the water and the veil of trees in front, but it was a challenge with such an arrangement.

Shadows and sky, I really liked how dark the darks were.

Cindy is the painter squeezed in there!

The lights and darks over most of the panel are disbursed randomly together, and it defied organization.

There was a road and a building behind/under the line of trees. more visual interest, but again, hard to organize.

At this point I'm convinced that I lost it.

Here is where I ended up.

I was on a nice flat stone, here the sight-size shot.

My scene at the end of the session.

Cindy painting!

The water was a really cool blue color not usually seen in this state(Vermont!)


Mostly it was sunny, but a few clouds passed over....


  1. The final painting is beautiful! I think I could hear the wind in the trees! Well done.

  2. Thanks Chani! It was a lovely place to paint, and Ollie had a good time too!

    1. Yes, dogs love to be in the nature and in the/near to water!