Saturday, September 13, 2014

First video! Owlkill Rd. & Jodie Rd. revisited: Painting # 400

55 F  cloudy, then rain,
This is a test, this is only a test!

    This is the first two snippets, they merged magically by themselves when I uploaded them onto the blog, as they did with the 3rd and 4th snippets, (in the next video), but they seem to now be all here. Please excuse the poor sound quality, there is some road noise and some wind noise, and I mumble a bit. 

    My aim in presenting these is not to produce another "how to" that would be boring. I want to express some of my process, thought and real, wild as it may seem. I can't stress enough the aspect of looking and seeing nature in front of me, I mentioned that it's not what I put on the canvas, but that's not entirely true (I'm lying to you already!).  As a landscape painter, for me, anyway, nature is GOD, and before her, I need to open my eyes, and really look, really notice all that I see. That is first, the resulting physical remnant, the painting, is a record, it's an interpretation, a stolen document, yes, filtered by me, but not created by me, and this is why I can't work from photographs, or from memory, this is a visual art, and my eyes need to see what's in front of them. 

    There it is, me in the flesh, I'm not sure where this will go, it took a bit more out of me, and hours to deal with the results, but everything has it's learning always I thank you for reading and today watching, please leave a comment, good, bad or ugly, Thanks!

Here it is about 1/2 way through, the video has me a bit out of habit....

This is where I finished. just before it took a face plant in the wet grass, before I could take the "money shot" the winf and rain started and I had to go!

My scene, Thanks for looking, reading and watching my blog!