Monday, September 1, 2014

Hudson Crossing Park, water, barges and locks. + how I measure.

83  F  mostly sunny, hot and Humid.
Today I found myself at the Hudson River, Hudson Crossing Park, Schylerville, NY.

#393 Hudson Crossing Park

12 x 16

I found this spot on a floating dock near the canal lock, there wasn't much boat traffic and no pedestrians.

I thought I'd show my method for measuring, My eye is in a fixed place, (hopefully!), and the scene is "lined-up" with my panel, and the right edge of my panel is smack dab on the left edge of my scene.

This is where I decide where to start and stop, I can move my eye or the panel to include or not parts of the scene.

This is how I find the various elements within the frame. I also line things up horizontally, It's good to have an eye for horizontal  just by looking, and lines that slope I'll mimic them with the brush handle as well. Generally I get the big shapes close to where I want them, then forget about it!

I like having the scene back lit, but that means I'm looking into the sun!

The rule of thumb is to paint the "most different" element next, work big to small, wait until late in the game for any detail, if t all.

I don't like the main lines to be too close to horizontal,  and any strong line should have a break in it.


This is where I ended up, sorry about the sun it was bright in m eyes!

This is essentially how I paint it. You can barely see the barges and industrial site just beyond, but they provided a nice darkness.

The water wasn't this smooth the whole time, but it stayed pretty calm.

That's Ollie, not a river otter......

My spot, I've painted this park many times and have wanted to try the floating dock!

It was hot and sunny....

The lock in operation.


  1. A wonderful water landscape! You rendered the water with the reflection of the trees very well. And thank you for explaining how you measure (and thanks for showing happy Ollie in the water!)

  2. Thanks Chani! I wanted to take Ollie, and he loves to swim (then find a shady spot to nap!) Water really is my favorite subject.

  3. Wonderful painting and I enjoyed the tutorials of each sequence of your painting. I also love the spot you chose. Great!

    1. Thank you Virginia for your comment, I'm always happy to hear!