Sunday, September 28, 2014

Oyster Bay day 2 (x2)

82  F   Sunny!
I went back to the same spot as yesterday, I wanted to start just before low tide,(8:20 A.M.) and I did, starting at 8:00. which was pushing it for me, but the effort was worth it.(I think)

What's not love about this scene.

The nature of the animal was to start with the lights, and that strategy worked well.

I'm still feeling a bit clunky with my sand colors, the way the light bounces off it.....

There were some nice contrasts and they stayed constant during my session, although the tide reached bottom and was starting to come back up.

#411 Cold Spring Harbor. Oyster Bay, NY.

14 x 16

My scene.

In a few hours this spot will be underwater, and that's cool.

Sight-size shot.

Teddy Roosevelt on a horse. I broke for a fish fry lunch and it was good!

Same spot again, only nearing high tide.

Worked out better than the 9 x 12 I did yesterday from the same spot (low tide). When the paints flowing and I'm on that edge, it's like that sweet spot,  it always seems to take a few paintings before I get there.

 Sand is getting better.

Close, the tide was rising, so my grass was diminishing.

This is where I ended up. I was pretty tired at this point, especially from being in the sun.

#412 Cold Spring Harbor

9 x 12


Money shot.

Tonight is the opening and the announcement of prizes, I'm not expecting one, for a number of reasons, but it's been fun. I'll re group and try and rest, I'll drive upstate after the opening and it will be a challenge to stay awake for the drive home.


  1. Well done! It is wonderful there! Wish I could walk there with my dog as well ;-)

    1. Thanks! I'm happy with the work I did, and I think I pushed hard and made something of it.