Saturday, September 27, 2014

Oyster Bay day 1(x4)

78  F  Sunny!
This is the beach at Sagamore Hill, where the teaching studios plein air painting contest is taking place, it's the National historic park of Teddy Roosevelt,

I got a reasonably early start, for me, and headed strait for the water. I don't get many chances to paint on the Ocean, so I couldn't pass up this opportunity.

Sorry these are not in focus. I liked the format, of a close up of the stream in low tide and what the light did off of it, but I had difficulty getting the colors right.

The blue against the tan of the sand was working, but probably the only thing working, this was what I was after but the rest didn't follow along.

See what I mean.

Here is where it ended up. I still haven't passed judgement, but I do want to re-visit the spot tomorrow, we'll see.

#407 Cold Spring Beach, Oyster Bay, NY.

9 x 12

The tide was coming in quickly, while it didn't effect my stream in the foreground it did the background, which was the problem anyway.

After I had finished the first painting of the day, I walked around the grounds to scope out more sites, which I should have done first, I went for lunch, returned and found myself in the same spot, only it was high tide.


I wasn't sure how it'd be working on the shore, I figured the colors would throw me a bit, but when at the shore, paint it.

The far hills acted like my comfort zone, with the foreground, not.

The light and darks of the foreground water were troublesome, and I'm not sure how I came up with the result.

That big chunk of darkness is weird in the foreground.....

#408  Cold Spring Beach, Oyster Bay, NY.

12 x 16

Money Shot.

High tide.

This is the old orchard, and I love the old trees.

There were a lot of good scenes that were not the shore, but these are similar to my own back yard.....

I liked the back-lit quality of this scene.

#409 Sagamore Hill, Oyster Bay, NY.

Money shot.

I had scouted this clump of grass earlier, but it was way under water when I had come back (and did the second painting of the day)  Now it was perfect and I had drama in the lighting!

With a lot of contrast it's easy to dive right in to it.

My light was changing, with the light on my subject grass, and the shadow overtaking the beach.

Here it is, and it was quick.

#410 Cold Spring Beach, Oyster Bay, NY.

8 x 10

Money Shot.

Sight-size shot.


  1. Wow, this is a wonderful place! The four paintings are beautiful, but my favorites are number 2 and number 4. Well done!

  2. Thanks Chani, and I totally agree, I don't get to the ocean much, so it was a thrill to be there and paint! There were a lot of dog with their people, but Ollie stayed home with the girls!