Friday, September 5, 2014

Turnpike road, get the lead out!

87  F  humid, partly sunny.

Today, my day seemed to slip through my fingers, but I was able to get down the rd.and paint one of my favorite barns, it's small down there, like the Kounzil building in Constance.

Set up as you know, is everything with me

I loved the pattern of the trees against the sky and the road.

I got some flake white it's got lead in it, and I liked it.

 Strong darks, I like them too.

How much detail? you don't need much.

The telephone pole was an important feature.

#395, Turnpike Rd.


9 x 12

I had to stand back to get the right size on the panel. I had painted this place before, only I was closer to the barn.

My scene.

This was Wednesday, early evening.

The sun was going down quickly. I wasn't looking into it.

This seems to happen a lot, It's getting dark out, so I can't see the paint and how not dark it is.

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  1. I prefer the first painting but the second one is very nice as well: it is interesting to see how the electric line and the traffic sign structure the scene. Well done!

    1. I'm liking the telephone poles, signs, wires, etc as elements that are fundamentally different than the other elements, they seem to always be painted the very last thing and are very different in their mark making. They also make the scene less pure, and I guess that's where I'm at now. As always, thanks so much for your comment!