Saturday, October 11, 2014

Ashgrove Rd @ Mckie Hollow Rd.

57  F  sun and clouds
I came here on a whim, haven't painted here much, and I'm not sure why.

#420  Ashgrove rd, @ Mckie Hollow Rd.

12 x 16

Unfortunately the sun was behind the clouds most of the time. It was late in the day and the shadows were long.

The light would alternately shade/light different sections of the scene, I've had this before with the rapid cycling of light and shadow, but this time of year it seems much more common.

There were parts of the  scene that didn't know which way to go.

I wanted the sky early in the session.

The farthest hill didn't know weather to be closer to light or dark.....

Every time the sun came back t had gone down a bit more....

Here is where I ended up, I had to wing a lot of this, a complicated scene with changing light!

Here is the scene at the start, there is a lot of saturated color, and lots of contrasts.

The clouds really flatten out the place.

Here the mid range hills are illuminated, beautiful, but weird, and I couldn't try and change the whole painting.

I don't usually set up across the road from where I park, there wasn't much traffic, but I didn't want to be on the road, me or the van.


  1. You gotta get that black out of your greens.

  2. In my opinion, your work is nicer than the original! For me, this spot was not "sexy" at all at the first hand, but what you made of it is just beautiful. There is something of you in it... (of course, there is something of you in every painting, but it is quite obvious here). Maybe the road, that looks like a path, inviting to a walk...

    1. I think you're exactly right, the road meandering back is very inviting, but the shadows that play on the farm structures are very solid, and they set the stage. Thanks Chani!