Saturday, October 25, 2014

Battenkill @ Camden Valley Rd. video on color mixing.

59  F  partly cloudy to start,  total overcast to end
Here is the Money Shot for the day.

#426 Battenkill @ Camden Valley Rd.

11 x 14

I made a video it's here;

I talk about my pallet, and color mixing.

I was here last winter, the bridge was still under construction. I went to Manchester, Vermont to drop off some paintings on my way back I couldn't settle on a spot, so I ended up here at a familiar one.

I'm using one of my new panels and I like it, it's a bit smoother, but not too much, and it feels right.


In addition to the bridge I liked the darkness of the water, and the wispy feeling of the mid range trees.

This is where I made the video.

A bridge like this is always tricky, I don't want to get too much detail, but need enough to pull it off. At the start there was some sun on the scene and that gave the bridge some dimension, By the end of the session, the clouds came and everything got flat.

There are some nice far hills, and the mid range has lots of variety in it, plus the scene composes itself.

Moving along......

This is where I ended up, notice the telephone pole, really needs to go last, and at one point it had been illuminated, and now it wasn't, so what to do?

Sight-size shot.


This sign is at the bridge.

 Let me know if there were things you want me to fill in, I know there were a lot (a lot a lot) of omissions, I mean it's less than 7 minutes!


  1. Thank you Matt for taking the time to do this. I always second guess whether I am doing it "right". This was very helpful. I can now just enjoy the process.

    1. Thanks Yvonne for your comment, the whole process is constant 2nd guessing! and I rarely feel I get it "right" (maybe close!) but ultimately the most important thing is to dive in and make those mistakes, then make them again, but do enjoy, even going through the torture has it's satisfying times! Paint on!

  2. A great work. I also always enjoy to see the process, every time.

    1. Thank you Chani! I do like to go back myself and look at how I got to where I ended up, most times I can't see it myself!