Monday, October 27, 2014

Coila Rd, I should have walked!

57  F  mostly sunny!
The Money Shot for today, it couldn't have been a more beautiful late autumn day!

 #427 Coila Rd.

9 x 12

I wanted that light on a yellow tree, and although there are more than a few of them, with the light, finding one that's part of a scene that made sense to me was not easy, I drove around a few miles at least only to end up walking distance from my house.

I thought I had taken more photos earlier in the process......

This scene has a lot of telephone poles, guard rails, signs, wires, buildings etc.....

Here is where I ended up. The drawing of some of the man made objects was a little tricky.

Here is my scene, the light this time of year is so delicious!

Sight-size shot.

I could have walked to this spot.

My pallet.


  1. Great. Matthew. I hope I can get into the habit of doing plain air daily.

    1. Thanks Iwan! I'm pulled in many other directions too, but wish I could paint every day! When I have a few good days in a row, I feel like I can really make progress and I love it too!

  2. Great work! A beautiful light and tree on the right! Here also, skies are more spectacular now than in the summer.

    1. Thank you Chani! maybe it's that we notice the sky when it changes and it's always spectacular, or maybe it's just more dramatic at this time of year, no matter, it is spectacular!

  3. Great stuff, im still waiting for our fall colours, so hot and dry here in cali...

    1. Thanks Martin! The fall seems to be the shortest season, and the colors of the leaves change so quickly, I have to concentrate to try and get some of this color in the paintings, never the main subject, but a good supporting role. Hope you get the color you want.