Friday, October 3, 2014

I did it! painted in my village!

71  F  sunny!
This is where I ended up today.

#414 Memorial Drive, Cambridge.

I finally got the bug to go downtown, Cambridge. I decided I wanted to have the water tower and this scene was perfectly lit, although I thought there was too much building and not enough foliage. The building is the old school, now rotting into the ground, I'm behind the bank, still in my comfort zone, because so few people go down there.

My camera is now officially broken I took these photos without the display working, so I couldn't see the picture, but it did actually work.

The water tower is a compelling object, and from different angles it does different things. I liked the contrasts from this scene today the brightly lit yellow leaves, and the dark shadows.


  1. Really like this one, Matt! Good balance of lights and darks, nature and man-made.
    I feel the same as you about having people around while I paint, would rather be off somewhere alone, but then I don't feel "safe." That's why I enjoy the plein air groups or painting with a buddy.

  2. I like this painting as well! Of course, I am an absolute nature lover, so I prefer your paintings with water, shores, vineyards and hills... But I understand it is an exciting challenge to try something new, otherwise it would be boring one day. Good for you that not too many people passed by... but maybe that's good as well if someone notices you (publicity).

  3. Thanks Diane and Chani, This painting got a lot of attention on social media, but I'm not exactly sure why, maybe that it's so different from what I'm known for. My trip to Germany was a life and art changing experience, I had pushed myself in ways I hadn't before, way out of my comfort zone. Most of that was with extending myself into urban scenes, and responding to my surroundings. When I got back, I had to ask myself why I had gone 1/2 way around the world but never painted in my own village. The answer is probably because I love the countryside, but I'm also loving the inclusion of man's presence in nature, and I'm not interested in doing paintings that look like they were painted 200 years ago. It makes me sad that my sisters in crime, do not feel safe painting alone in the countryside, this should not be, but reality and our world is the way it is and you must feel safe to paint. As always thanks so much for your comments!, Matt