Thursday, October 23, 2014

More Panels! More Panels!

Here are 30 Panels, ready to dry and tone and go.

I made (3)- 14 x 16, (4) 12 x 16, (8) 11 x 14, (7) 9 x 12, (4) 8 x 10, (1) 7 x 10, (2) 6 x 8, and (1) 7 x 7.

I cut out 1/8" masonite (hardboard) a bit smaller than each size.

The sharp edges from the saw get rounded.

I added a few improvements to the process, essentially following the instructions of John Carlson.

I cut out he cotton canvas, 3/4" larger on every side. I use that stick to draw the line.

The cut canvas and boards, stacked.

Here I'm cutting pieces of kraft paper just smaller than the boards, this is new to my process but was in both John Carlson's book and the Utrecht art materials web site.

Here I glued the smooth side of the board (not shown) and laid it glue side down on the canvas.

I flipped the panel over and rubbed out ant bubbles, and check for any bits of anything caught between.

Clipping the corners.

Glued down the sides.

Here is the kraft paper getting glue spread on one side.

Here is the kraft paper glued to the back, I found that they can be stacked to dry without being glued together (too much) and it seems to help keep the panels flat as they have glue on both sides.

Here is how I stack them up, I usually put something heavy on the board.

Once the panels dry, usually 24 hours, I can lay them out and start the finishing, here I'm making hide glue, also known as "rabbit skin" glue. I heat the water to boil.

I used to use a double boiler, but got lazy, once I start mixing, I don't add any more heat.

The first coat is thin, and it has to soak in.

The wet panels need to dry before he 2nd coat.

I can never leave well enough alone.  I wanted to try and thicken the glue by using this:

Why would I measure how much I put in?

I ended up putting on two coats that had the marble powder, but the 2nd one had a lot more  powder.

So we'll see how they work. I've made about 450 of these and have changed the process a number of times. I guess I just can't stop experimenting.


  1. This is great Matt, what glue do you use in the first steps to glue the canvas on the panels?

  2. Sorry I should have mentioned that! I use elmer's white glue, easy to find an not too expensive, also it's water soluble, so you could un-do it if you wanted.

  3. I would think you would seal the masonite before gluing the canvas to it. Have you thought of doing that?