Friday, October 10, 2014

Stevenson Rd.

56  F  sun/clouds
The money shot from today.

#419 Stevenson Rd.

7 x 10

I've wanted to do this scene, and the road in general, it's been a while.

The light was peeking through the clouds, so I started with the brightest lights.

The limited brightness in the sky kept the green of the fields dark, at least until the light changed.


Here is where I ended up.

I chose this scene because of the pattern the fields make on the hillside, it's very abstract.

Sight-size shot.

My spot.

View looking the other way.


  1. Those fields are beautiful, and the sky is interesting (it looks like a storm is approaching)... Well done!

  2. Thanks Chani, it actually started to clear, and of course the light on the fields changed.....