Monday, October 13, 2014

The Battenkill @ Murray Hollow.

44- 54  F  cloudy
I came to the river, I wanted to be near it's soothing power.

#422 Battenill @  Rt.313

14 x 16

This spot is just past the Eagleville Bridge, there's a fish access spot, with parking by the road (Rt. 313) and I've wanted to explore this place for a while.

First darks.

To an extent I "draw" with paint, I try to get it quickly but sometimes I want two or more different darks and maybe at leas the same number of lights, and since I'd rather not go over, at least some things need to be the color/value I want in the finished painting.

There was quite a tanglement of greens.

There is a lot of pushing and pulling of the mass of foliage, each subtle hue seems to relate differently to each other, and one never exists without the whole range.

There was so much detail available, it was important to simplify.

Here is where I ended, the light stayed pretty steady the whole time and I think I got to the place I needed to get to, which is a feel for the light and not too much fussy detail. I was there for close to 2 hours, and for me that's a good paint session.

This is the scene at the end of the session.


It was chilly at the start, I broke out my wool sweater and these gloves, but I'm not ready just yet to start "suiting up".


  1. Great spot! I like those green and golden leaves, it seems to be cold already!

  2. It is a great spot! although there is no bridge! (and I got a tick bite!). yesterday morning was cold, as it usually is this time of year, but today is unusually warm......Thanks!

  3. Always in awe of your accuracy in values in and color Matt. Absolutely compelling tie to reality with inventive and playful brushwork. So NICE!

  4. Jimmy, your comment is touching, I've admired your work on line for some time now, and am fascinated by the Texas hill country landscape and your depiction of it. Thanks!