Sunday, October 12, 2014

The driveway. Today's spot.

56  F clear.
I ended up where I begin and end everyday, my driveway (shop, really)

#421 driveway

10 x 8

I just published a video, done just before this photo was taken, I talk about finding my "spot".  Here te tree is center stage, but my composition gave me some trouble, and the tree slipped away.

The nature of this light is that it's so hard to get the light light enough, So I try to keep everything else down, but that's easy to say.

The scene lends itself to an impressionist handling, by nature fast.

This is where I ended after the tree lost most of it's light. I should probably start earlier.....

For some reason, the brightest part of the big yellow tree ended up at the right edge of the painting, you'd think I could have figured out that brightness be better off closer to the middle (or maybe not!)


  1. Great work! And thank you for the video also.

  2. cool thanks. i do the same thing sometimes taking progression pictures in the spot. it is like . if this is it then this is it isn't it. lol, have a nice day all the very best. I think like sometimes my painting is I was here wasn't I. I caught this spot. you have for sure.