Thursday, November 13, 2014

Battenkill from the thicket; another RR bridge, Middle Falls

40  F  some sun, some hazy cloud cover
Once again I find myself on the river, by a RR bridge.

#434 Battenkill @ RR bridge, Middle Falls.

I found this spot, it was at the far end of a golf course. I have been to the other side last year, but didn't paint there, many more places just a stones throw from here!

The story was in the reflection...

From where I was, it looked like the angle of the reflected bridge was much more acute than the real bridge, I think the photo flattened it out.

At some point we got a little breeze and my reflection was lost!  Luckily  the breeze died down and I was able to continue.

Here is where I finished, there were some darks that I couldn't get dark enough, or so I thought.

My scene.

Maybe I should have brought black.

I'm in the thicket without a lot of space to move around in. Had this been the spring, this spot would be very wet!

This is on State Rt. 29 in Middle Falls, NY. There is a fishing access site, although the exact spot of it was un-clear, the golf course occupies a large swath of river front, I just drove around on the golf-cart lanes, there were no signs that said I couldn't. When I was leaving a gentleman said I could park in the lot near the club house.


  1. The reflections of the trees are great! Well done.

  2. Funny you've got such a different approach then I have and yet it sure does work!

    Great piece, ...