Friday, November 21, 2014

Content with cows; video snippet on subject matter.

28  F  late sunshine.
Here is the "money shot" from today.

#438 Content Farm Rd.

7 x 7

The sun sets fast at this time of day, it's 3:20.

How to get that light was the question.

Sorry I didn't take more progress shots, there was no time, that shadow moved fast.

Here is the link to my u-tube video, it's on subject matter.

The scene at the end of the session.

I've been here a few times before.

My pallet (working on a few day's paintings.)


  1. Well done. What a lovely scene, those cows and the sunset, and a beautiful orange light which was certainly difficult to capture. I hope it is still not too cold there (I have seen pictures from Buffalo!). And another interesting pallet ;-)

    1. Thank you Chani! I think more cows are in my future, the're very docile and quiet. My wife is from Buffalo, indeed this is more snow in a place that always gets tons of it!

  2. Nice work, chasing the light Matthew.


  3. I love your paintings, and that you show the process. I wish we could pull off the road in our rural areas, but we have huge drainage ditches on each side of the road everywhere, so we have no shoulders on our roads. Our neck of the woods used to be a swamp.