Tuesday, November 25, 2014

County Route 59, @ sunset; getting in the zone despite myself.

38  F  cloudy to clear at sunset.
Taken with my 20th century flip phone. Today's "Money Shot"

#440  County Route 59

9 x 12

This sky was nice, and fleeting.....I used more color (curealean sp?) especially at hr highest part, and lead white with a touch of yellow at the bottom. I used the pallet knife to smooth and blend, it seemed an appropriate way to do it.

Sight- size shot.

This was another day when painting got squished in between play dates and errands. Parenting is my first job, but everything has it's limits. I finally got to this spot, in between things, just on the side of another county hi way. I often find the "OK" part, hard to accept. Hard to accept because everything is compromised, time, energy, the luxury of "powering down" with some semblance of  "this is important". But what ever doubts I have the paint must go, so I try not to think, I just do, because once I actually start to look, put down some paint and focus, I completely forget about all the hassles that I was just obsessing about and get on with it. There resides the reward, it may or may not be a good painting, but it will be, on canvas and in my brain, and that's a good place to be.