Monday, November 3, 2014

County Rt. 69, Andland Farm,

53  F Sunny!
This is County Rt. 69, just around the corner from my old barn, a place I was very fond of, a great place with lots of heart and great farm stands too!

#431 Cty Rt. 69 (Andland Farm)

14 x 16

I had been wanting to do this scene for a while even though it's on a relatively fast road with lots of large milk trucks going by.

Pressed for time I put the sky in first,(it's the "most different") and I used my pallet knife.

The scene had my name all over it, the road, the silo, the back light.

Green.  I mix a dab of the color I think might be right, (at least for a tone) and put it down. if it looks really bad I change that mix in the direction it should go in.....



This is where I ended up. the sun was right above my panel!

My scene.

Sight-size shot.


  1. Matt, this spot is so familiar to me. Did you paint it already in another season or year? It is still a beautiful scene!

  2. I've never painted this scene, but certainly the motif is so similar...Thanks!

  3. Oh, I think I was confounding with the road from Salem to Shushan, but there, the silo is on the right side... And there is another painting you exposed in June with a road + a silo on the left side, but this will be another road for sure ;-)

    1. If there is a silo and a road, you know eventually I'll have to be there painting that scene!

    2. Last weekend, we were driving trough a wide landscape in the province of Cadiz (West from here), and at once, we were on a road with cotton fields on both sides and a silo on the right. I immediately thought that it would have been a perfect spot for you to paint!

    3. That sounds spectacular! I can't wait to go myself.