Friday, November 28, 2014

Eagleville, compelled, but not compelling another year bites the dust.

30  F  mostly cloudy, a bit of snow & breeze.
Today is my birthday, I'm 53. So I got to prioritize painting and let everything else fit to it.

#442 The Battenkill @ Eagleville Bridge.

11 x 14

I had a turkey hangover this A.M.  I knew I wanted to go to Eagleville, although I didn't know why, I'm thinking this is just too sentimental.....




Here is where I ended up. I didn't notice that I had way over-exaggerated the perspective, (or did I really see it like that?)

At one point the sun came out, put it was just a few seconds and I painted it like the top scene, all grey.

On one hand the scene has some very ethereal qualities of the snow in the woods, but the blackness of the water and the side of the bridge are very graphic, and I find that hard to control, it just wants to take over, not to mention the color red.

 I wasn't sure it was actually snowing or blowing off the trees, but indeed show got mixed into the paint and directly on the panel. Of all the things that happened in the painting this made no difference at all.

I think a lot of times I choose scenes because I want to be in that place.



  1. Happy birthday, Matt! Times flies indeed, not only for you. I wish you all the best for this personal new year, a lot of creative ideas and also a good health to be able to paint in all seasons!
    Interesting painting with that contrast red-white-black, and a nice pallet with those reds.

  2. Thanks Chani! I'm looking forward to this year, and hope you are as well! I was pleased with the red, although, had a hard time controlling it (as usual) what got me was the bottom edge of the roof, that I realized was not in perspective when I got it home, I guess it's primitive like me!

    1. Yes, I am also looking forward to this new year, hoping it will bring a lot of creative ideas and interesting experiences!

  3. Happy belated birthday, Matt! It's amazing how much the colors change with the seasons up there. Looks great!

    1. Thanks and thanks! Stephen, We've had an early snow and blast of cold, but It'll melt tomorrow, so it'll be back to brown and grey, what colors you got in Texas this time of year?