Sunday, November 30, 2014

Hudson Crossings Park, warm and grey with a massive DAMN!

44  F  very cloudy.
The fence wasn't there the last time I did this scene and I was really disappointed to see it.

#443 Hudson River @ Hudson Crossings Park

12 x 16

I painted this scene in August of 13'. It's at the end of an island that separates the canal with the falls, and about 3/4 mile hike in.

I started with the "most different" thing.

When I say I use the sight-size method, it simply means that I set up the panel next to the scene and determine where my "view-point" is, and do all my looking from that spot. Here you can see the first light, I will get it here then compare the painting and start to place the other elements in the same manner.

Considering how "grey" everything looked there was a lot of variation in the tones of the greys.

Moving along.....

I had gone to Schylerville to drop off some paintings at the Laffer Gallery, I got into a group show opening next Saturday.

This is where I ended up.

Sight-size shot.

Here is the spot, still not knowing why a 5 foot high fence was necessary.


  1. Guess to spend money for nothing, ...

    Eeery grey but wonderfull painted.

    Stay warm!

    1. Thanks Rene' I paint what I see and I saw grey! (and I wondered why no one else was there?)

    2. Guess they all fell into the river ;-)

  2. A great work, although all grey. But the waterfall looks so real!
    If it was in Germany or Spain, this fence would be "necessary" so that the town authorities are not responsible in case someone who fishes there falls into the water, for example. And there would be a bilingual notice board (with a lot of mistakes in the English text) next to the fence saying that it is not allowed to fish, to swim, to surf, to spring into the water, etc. But of course, you would always see more than one person fishing at this place. ;-)

    1. When the world is grey, it's hard to find much other color out there, maybe I should stay in. This place is a good hike out and there are a lot of other dangerous spots along that hike, oh well! As always, Thanks Chani!!!!

    2. In The Netherlands as well, an befor the sign forbidden to swim fish or whatever there would be a sign watch out sign!! So no one would fall over that one, ... maybe in some cases even a sign watch out SIGN about sign!! I have no idea why and when we started this nonsense, it's only taking the responsibility of the people themself. ...