Sunday, November 30, 2014

Hudson Crossings Park, warm and grey with a massive DAMN!

44  F  very cloudy.
The fence wasn't there the last time I did this scene and I was really disappointed to see it.

#443 Hudson River @ Hudson Crossings Park

12 x 16

I painted this scene in August of 13'. It's at the end of an island that separates the canal with the falls, and about 3/4 mile hike in.

I started with the "most different" thing.

When I say I use the sight-size method, it simply means that I set up the panel next to the scene and determine where my "view-point" is, and do all my looking from that spot. Here you can see the first light, I will get it here then compare the painting and start to place the other elements in the same manner.

Considering how "grey" everything looked there was a lot of variation in the tones of the greys.

Moving along.....

I had gone to Schylerville to drop off some paintings at the Laffer Gallery, I got into a group show opening next Saturday.

This is where I ended up.

Sight-size shot.

Here is the spot, still not knowing why a 5 foot high fence was necessary.