Monday, November 10, 2014

Hudson River @ Rt. 4 bridge:

54  F  sun with some hazy clouds.
A tough day at the office.  I found a really cool place to paint, but the sun was setting and the look of the place changed so much

Here is where I ended after over 1 1/2 hrs,

#432  Hudson @ Rt. 4 bridge

11 x 14

There was something eerie about this place, with the water low, and the hum of all the traffic across the river and over the bridge, the sun cast a bright haze over the entire scene, but didn't provide much in the way of contrasts.

nonetheless I love this bridge and the reflection it made in the water. The mostly horizontal composition, slightly off of of perfect seemed fitting to the place.

Not much color, and any lights within the dark/reflection are very quiet.

most everything in play except for the bridge and it's reflection.

Here I just scratched in the bridge and reflection with the end of the pallet knife.

This is where I did a short video, but when I listened to it all you could hear was the traffic, the sound seemed to travel along the surface of the water right to the microphone.

The surface of the river was very smooth until a barge went by, and it took a long time to go back to smooth again.

By this time the sun had descended a lot and the scene had changed with it.

the "money shot" from today, with the light in back I can't see the pictures I'm attempting to take.

Definitely my kind of spot.

Just off the road.


  1. Few contrasts but a beautiful, peaceful painting!

    1. Thanks, it was difficult to paint, I think the'll be a lot of gray for the foreseeable future!