Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Legrys Rd. @ Plains Rd. OK it's cold now.

26  F  windy, cloudy with some sun.

The cold is ratcheting down...

#436 Legrey's Rd. @ Plains Rd.

8 x 10

I wasn't going to go out today, the forecast was for rain, but the sun came out a bit, even though there were some gusts of wind.

These dark greys.

The dirt, ethereal, really,

Largest piece of saturated color.

These gain silos are why I chose the scene, such bright, regular forms.

Getting the values to behave themselves is the name of the game, the value of the shaded part of the silo is still pretty light as is the shadow part of the clouds.

My thin lines continue to be troublesome, maybe I'm shivering too much.

Sight-size shot.

This area isn't the fancy side of town, but it's got some awesome views and is becoming a favorite.

I was putting off wearing my serious winter boots and my feet got cold, so next time.....


  1. such a brave and devoted soul you are. Sacrifices to create beauty, or maybe you are just Nuts!

    1. Thanks Anonymous! being out painting is never a sacrifice, it's always a privilege, still, I could be nuts!

  2. The sacrifice was worth it. Well done! But if you are already freezing now, what are you going to do in December? ;-)

  3. Thanks Chani and Anthony, I spent about one hour outside yesterday, the wind was probably more chilling than the actual temperature, I have way better boots, "arctic" weight thermal underwear, and this year I'll try the hand/foot warmers commonly available . Because in the winter I often paint much quicker, and because yesterday was so windy, I used a small panel. Gusting winds are way more likely to blow over a larger board.