Thursday, November 27, 2014

More turkey than paint, outback today.

30  F  Snow!
We got a lot of snow yesterday and some more today, Thanksgiving, so between our yearly house cleaning and the arrival of our good friends, I went out back.

#441  Outback

8 x 6

I was in a similar situation as the other day, squeezing painting in between everything else, so I stayed close to home and worked small.

This is pretty much a monochromatic scene.

There was light and dark, and just off of each one.

It ended up here,  not much over 1/2 hour's work, but better than last year's painting of the same scene.

The scene, I'm on the bridge over the Cambridge Creek, it's in back of my house.

View towards my house.


  1. I love the warm undertone, especially in these cold conditions, it gives you some sort of comfort that things aren't going to stay that cold for ever. What a lovely winter wonderland Matthew but then again I don't envy you :-P .... although? Here in the Netherlands everything is grey, without any colour yes some few autumn leaves but thats it, and the last couple of days it's getting colder and colder as well, then I rather have some snow cover I'll reckon. Stay warm!!

  2. Each time I wonder btw. is the water blackenning during the winter by the contrast or could it be caused by the plantlive in the water which is rotten away? or is it the angle of the sunlight that causing it, ... it sure is much darker during the winter time then at spring and summer.

  3. Good work! As René already said, it is a wonderful winter landscape but I am glad I live at a place where it never snows (normally). When it rains heavily here like those last 2 days, it is also grey but we know that this water from the sky is necessary to survive our hot summers... Take care of you with such temperatures.

  4. Thanks Rene and Chani! Unfortunately there is a lot of shoveling of the stuff, and it can make driving a challenge, but it is awesomely beautiful and changes things so much that it's like a completely different place. We also ski and make snow men, and enjoy the brightness during the few hours of light we have....The waterways do seem to turn black, and I'm not sure if it's your eye compensating for the brightness or some other phenomenon, but I'll take it!