Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Riley Hill Rd. Salem, NY.

26  F  sunny a bit of wind.
The "Money shot"

#437 Riley Hill Rd, Salem

11 x 14

The light was beautiful today, I was up @ SAW, so I went to paint in Salem, I'm actually in the village of Salem.

I started with the sky.

There was a lot of light ocher/ tan, that were very close in value, it was the large expanse of  road and the field on the right.

The little bits of variations in the large expanses of  foreground hold a lot of importance, I'm not sure if I got them, but if snow comes this way I'll need to figure it out.

Here is where I ended up, at the last minute I put in the shadow across the road, and I think it worked.

My scene.

Sight-size shot.


In the cold I needed some medium, because the paint gets too thick.
I mixed up, equal parts stand oil, damar varnish and turpentine.
I put it in a bottle cap on my pallet, and dip my brush in it or put a few drops in the paint.


  1. A beautiful winter light! Well done in the cold.

  2. Thanks Chani, most of the time it was calm, which makes all the difference, I seem to be drawn to just this kind of composition, then ask myself why?