Saturday, November 15, 2014

So. Cambridge Rd. @ Whiteside Rd.: the winter has begun

37  F  sunny!
Today was the first day I wore long underwear, a coat and my fingerless gloves.

#435 So. Cambridge Rd. @ Whiteside Rd.

12 x 16

It was a sun-filled afternoon, and the sun looks different through a clear sky and a few clouds.

When I started I anticipated that the sun would move off my panel, but I didn't want that glaring sun-behind-the-painting thing I seem to always get. Here I just put in my darkest places.

I had a difficult time with the green, generally, it's dulled from the summer, and most of the leaves are down. I chose this place because it has a crossroad, and farm, the corn wasn't cut and was casting a shadow across the road, what more could you want!

The shadows move quickly, but If I have a handle on the tones of the lights and the darks I can figure out where the shadow should be, I don't want to chase the shadows.

Here is where I ended up, I generally put in the telephone poles and other linear stuff last, although I miss having those elements in play earlier, t would be awkward to execute.


Here is my pallet, the nice thing about winter is that the paint will stay much longer in the cold. It also shows how the sun shadowed the paint. (yes this is for you, Chani!)

Sight-size shot.

Looking the other way.


  1. Yes, winter is coming, the light is different. A nice road, so peaceful. It could be here nearby as well, but with 10-15 ÂșC more or so. Your painting is great, and this pallet is an art work as well (thank you!)