Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Money Shot: paintings, photographs, and an installation @ S.A.W. where else?

49  F  rain
Barn 1 @ Salem Art Works, Salem NY. until Nov, 21. open everyday 9-5, (office is only open weekdays, but Barn 1 will be open weekends)
This exhibit was organized and scheduled less than 2 weeks ago as an experiment for setting up this installation, I also wanted to have some of the "money shot" photos printed, framed and hung next to their paintings.

#395 Turnpike Rd.


9 x 12

There were two of these installations consisting of the painting on an easel, a 3' x 4'  two piece photograph of the scene only larger,  and a spot on the floor where the painting "fits" into the photographed scene.

#399 Battenkill @ RR bridge, Shushan


9 x 12

View from the "spot". Sorry the lighting was not the best.

View from the "spot"

This shows how the installation works in the space, you stand on the square, you might have to scrunch down or stretch  if you're not my height, or you might need to be picked up!

The two together.This space is in Barn 1, just recently re-purposed for exhibits and performances, the high season is over for this year, so it's a great opportunity to be able to do this, Thanks!

#410 Cold Spring Beach (Oyster Bay, NY)


8 x 10

Each of these paintings has a "money shot" photo to the left. This is the first time I've exhibited these, all work is for sale through SAW.

#282 Wampacack Creek @ Cr. 74


8 x 10

#405 Delavan Rd.


8 x 10

#255 S.A.W. Creek


8 x 10

#263  Batenkill @ Middle Falls


7 x 10

#307  Duel Hollow Rd.


8 x 10

#299 White Creek


9 x 12

#294 McCart Rd.


9 x 12

S.A.W. is such an awesome place, if you're near, this is a great time to go up the hill and see the sculptures and to say "HI"  It's in Salem NY.


  1. Hi Matt. That is so original and amazing.

  2. It is a very good idea to show the money shot next to the painting so that the visitors can appreciate a little bit more of the landscape and maybe recognize the spot you painted when they are there by themselves! Great.

    1. Thanks Chani! I've been wanting to try this for a while now and having the opportunity to experiment with it is fantastic!

  3. matt, if your ever looking for a new spot to paint, I own a 230acre farm in schaghticoke. It has lovely views and wooded lots. contact me at Kyle Schmidt