Wednesday, November 26, 2014

What I wear.(winter gear, that is)

Snow day!
The socks on the right are "sock liners" go on first, you can use thin dress socks in a pinch, the ones on the left are mostly wool. Don't bother with anything less than 50 % wool. These are "boot length" also important when wearing big snow boots.

These are the most versatile, mid-weight thermals, I have lightweight and heavy weight as well.

Flannel-lined pants.

I like this synthetic t-shirt,but cotton next to the skin is nice too, first layer is best not too loose.

Thermal tops, sometimes can be doubled up.

Flannel shirt.

Wool sweater. This is like real estate.

Shell/felt lined snow boots,  probably time for an upgrade.

You can't buy a coat like this, it takes years of hard knocks.

I have two heads, so they both need hats.  The wool/fleece lined ski hat is the warmer choice, but I'll wear the cap with ear flaps if it's not as cold.

Lined leather work gloves.  I'm looking for finger-less under-gloves. I wear these but have to take them off often.


  1. I can imagine that the fingers and the nose are suffering at such temperatures. Do you use a protection cream for your face?

  2. Layering is always key. Though I'd be careful with cotton next to skin in cold weather. Silks or synthetic silks that wick away moisture to keep you warmer. And maybe one of those new thin down vests. Something for your Christmas list!

  3. Thanks Chani and Susan, When it gets really (I mean really cold) cold, chapstick can help the lips, and bag balm for the hands. I don't usually sweat too much, and have a limited supply of the synthetic t-shirts so cotton has to work too.

  4. There is an old saying in hiking - cotton kills. Once cotton is wet you will be cold. Wool will still keep you warm even if it is wet. I just have an over abundance of caution!
    Yes, chapstick or similar is really great in winter. The air is so much drier and combined with the wind you dry out in no time. So stay hydrated too!
    I'm sure you're fine. You never seem far from your car or home.

  5. Hi Susan, thanks for your comment! I've never heard that expression. I do love wool, and the nice synthetics and blends, but I'm out side (even if not painting) everyday and don't have that many outfits, so I make due with what I have, and I don't often hike that far nor sweat that much, so generally I stay dry. I always have some water with me, no matter the day and I do try not to slip into fast moving water!